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Work at Home Mom – My Freelancing Story and Tips

In this blog I will share with you my freelancing story and tips you can use to be a freelancer too. I couldn’t emphasize more the importance of women helping their spouses in earning for the family. The cost of living increases each year. Basic commodities, bills, education, food and insurance take a big chunk in the income of the family.

During the old times until early 90’s it was very rare to find a family where both the husband and wife work. It was a normal set up for Filipino families to have the father as the sole breadwinner. As a matter of fact some men do not allow their wives to work, for reasons (ego?)… Well I don’t know.

This set up is no longer advisable today. With prices skyrocketing, it would be a big challenge for the husband to give his family a decent living if he is the only one bringing the money in. The wife has to come in to help. Previously a typical wife helps her husband financially by way of reselling. We all know someone in the neighbourhood who offers Avon products, Natasha and the likes. We still know a few who do this until today and yes, they were able to send their children to college.

Good news mommies! This has scaled up. A new and better way to help our husband is here. This is the new way to earn as much as or even higher than working in a normal office set up or reselling. To be honest though, this industry has been around for about 5 years or so. More and more mommies (and even daddies) have found this to be much better than working in a regular/normal office set up thus they quit jobs and find work from home. How is this better than a normal office set up? Well, having a career and being a full-time mom is now possible with freelancing.

Why did I quit my job and became a freelancer?

I worked in Makati for more than 6 years. My work experience was in the BPO industry for more than half the time I spent working. I was an Escalations Officer in Citibank, I was a Revenue Officer in BIR and I was also a Junior Assistant Manager in BDO before I decided to quit my life there and go back to Laguna. It was actually Caleb, my youngest and only son who fueled my decision to quit my job in BDO. One day I went home and he no longer recognized me, he was only one year old back then. The kids hardly ever see me. They were always sleeping whenever I leave the house and already asleep when I arrive at night.

Yes, I literally made Makati-San Pablo just like going to the market every single day. And then I told myself, I want to be a mom, again. Like a real mom always there for them every day.

How did I start?

I heard about the website MyOutdesk which offers home-based jobs to those who are qualified. I did my research about the company and found it legit so I submitted my application. In a week’s time, I passed the application stage and was asked to set up my home office. This company offers a competitive pay and benefits so I didn’t mind upgrading what had to be upgraded (including my internet speed) so I can start asap.

My salary almost Php 40k a month (depending on dollar-peso exchange rate), they gave me HMO cards and leave with pay. Can you imagine having the same benefits as a typical office job? Luckily I was able to help my husband and our family financially because of it. I highly recommend MyOutdesk especially to those who have experience working in the BPO.

I don’t have a BPO(call center) experience, can I find a home-based job too?

Of course! We are now at the time where everything is done online. Many businesses are mostly online based (dropshipping) where there is no physical store and employees can work online without the need to meet their employer personally.

Data encoder, researcher, transcriptionist, online teacher, web designer (one of the highest paid home-based jobs), SEO, social media manager and marketing, consultation services, graphic designing, customer service and a lot more. You don’t even have to be fluent in English to find a home based job. Just Basic English and a computer are sometimes all you need.

What do I need to get started?

First, a computer/laptop and a reliable internet connection. Most employers want their VA (virtual assistant – that’s you) to have a wired internet connection (DSL) and a backup in case your main internet provider fails. Most VAs use the globe tattoo stick or Smart pocket wifi as their backup internet. Your main internet must have at least 3MBPS. Most employers will ask you to test your connection via Communication is mostly done via Skype or any other platform your client wants such as Slack.

Employers or clients can be direct or via an organization such as MyOutdesk, Virtual Co-Worker, Upwork and others. If your client is direct, this means that you have direct employment with the owner of the business in the US, Canada, Australia or wherever your client is based and you get your pay directly from him/her. Payment is mostly done via Paypal, Remitly or Western Union.

I have to mention though, that this employee-employer relationship does not have a normal employment contract (in most cases). You do not become a regular employee and sometimes do not have leave benefits and other usual benefits a regular employee has. That is why you are called a FREELANCER. It still depends on the client if you will be given such. This is why I always say it is very important to love your job and do your best every day. I had clients who increased my salary twice because he was very happy with my work.

What I do Now

Currently I am a social media manager and strategist, blogger and virtual assistant. I also have a good background in Shopify and Amazon. Freelancing is a good source of income especially for moms like me who want to take care of her children full-time and work at the same time to help her husband earn for the family. This is not an easy job. Discipline and hard work is a must to keep your place in this industry.

Finally here are the websites where you can create an online profile and find jobs. A lot of my friends often ask me how to find a home-based job that is why I decided to write this blog. I hope I was able to inspire you and I wish you will soon find a home-based job too!

MyOutdesk  Upwork  Virtual Coworker  Outsourcely  Easyoutsource


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