How to surmount trials

Why Do You Have to Thank That Trouble That Made You Hit Rock Bottom?


It’s good to have a conversation with a friend you have the same wavelength and same level of maturity. It allows you to open a bit more about your thoughts without fear of being rejected, much worse judged. And the good part is, you will know you’ve come to the right level of maturity when you understand life in a better perspective and deeper understanding. And what’s to blame? Thanks to the troubles I’ve been through, I am who I am today and not who I used to be.

Whenever we pray we always ask God to give us strength, let the problems pass and just don’t let it ever come back. We all know how difficult it is to deal with things we cannot control. But in fairness, yes just to be fair, there’s so much to be thankful for hitting that hard rock bottom, here’s why.

Thank you for letting me hit rock bottom, for it made me realize there is no way but up. To come to a point that you found out you can pull yourself up, dust it off and stand up. We got to help ourselves and the only way to do it is to look up where you want to head to.

Thank you for the troubles, because of them I got knocked down. It’s that lowest point in your life where all you see was darkness. When you’ve lost count of the beers you’ve drank, cigs you’ve smoked and how much hair you’ve grown because you were stuck on stupid and wished you were dead. But one day you woke up and thought you can stand back up taller than you ever were. That you’ve learned what all this mess was teaching you. And you can be that person better than you could ever be.

Thank you because I once shattered like a broken glass. Those days when you thought it’s the end of the world. The times when you don’t know where to start and how to pick up the broken pieces of you. Those times your friend told you a thousand times you’ll get back on track, but you know you can’t go back to where you left off. And then one day you thanked the one who broke you, because of him you can now pick up the pieces of yourself and bring them back the way you want them to be. And let them see your breakdown was your breakthrough.

Thank you for letting me hit rock bottom. Because now I know who my true friends are. It gave you the opportunity to rebuild yourself the way you wish you’d been all along of course less the extra baggage. Because of that, it made me see the true friends who will walk with me in the rain. Then you got a better character, head held up high and off to a beautiful start.

Thank you to those who think I can’t. Because of you, I strive harder. I worked my way up the ladder. And then I realize the things I was capable of doing. It allowed me to do the things I once feared and every time I get this “that’s impossible” or “you can’t do it”… I work even harder to prove them wrong. Then I became an achiever. Then I became a better person.

Thank you for letting me hit rock bottom, because of that you found out which foundation to rebuild your life. God is the rock bottom where to start a beautiful life. It miraculously transformed your life and found out who you really are. Now you know how high you can soar and how low you can fall but never pieces apart. Because it’s only when you’ve lost everything, when you find out you’ve got HIM.

To my friend who once hit rock bottom, this one’s for you and you’ve got me too.

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