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Top 5 Travel Tips – Guaranteed to Save You Thousands of Bucks

It’s the Ber months! If you are planning your next #TravelGoals either for your barkada, partner or family and looking forward to your 13th month bonus to buy the plane tickets, hold it up and continue reading 🙂

Whether you want to go to Cebu, Coron, Siargao or any other local destination, these travel tips are guaranteed to save you thousands of bucks! 

So before you spend your hard earned moolah, let’s go and dive into these travel tips to help you do more on your well-deserved holiday.

Travel Tip #1 – Plan your trip months ahead.

There are a lot of beautiful breath taking tourist spots here in the Philippines and you’ve probably been to a lot of them, but whether you are a travel expert or not planning ahead is a must. 

First thing to consider when travelling is your budget. It’s very important to budget carefully how much money you CAN spend in this vacation without going broke after. I’m a big fan of ‘Trabaho. Ipon. Travel. Enjoy’ but never of ‘Travel now, pulubi later.‘ A lot of the millenials today overspend for the sake of being able to have those IG-worthy shots. We are not born to pay bills all our lives so going on vacation once in a year is fine, but make sure not to spend beyond your means.

Second important thing to note is who you are travelling with. If you are travelling with friends then you only need to worry about yourself because most probably the bill would always be split. Hotel, food and even activities will be split among yourselves. But if you are travelling with your family or partner being you as the primary sponsor, then I suggest you must have longer planning and double saving lol! 

Top 5 Travel Tips
Family trip to Boracay 2015

Travel Trip #2 – Do not buy your tickets in 1 go.

Whether you are travelling with your friends, family or alone I suggest not booking your tickets in one go. Unless you are a millionaire who deserves to be tied up and robbed gun point by airline airfare, you can do staggered booking. 

You do not have to book round trip tickets at once, instead check which route currently has low price and book it.  Always be on the look out for ticket sales for all the airlines that have flight to and from your destination. Once you see the prices have gone down again, book the other way. I suggest subscribing to Cebu Pacific or Airasia newsletters so you can get ticket sales update before it even goes live. You can also download their app for much faster transaction.

Travel Trip #3 – Check for Hotel Deals

One of the things you must plan ahead is the place where to stay. Depending on your budget you can stay in a 5 star hotel, condo or transient house whichever suits you well. Before your book your stay directly at the hotel’s website, it’s worth checking first other travel booking sites where there are great discounts that you can take advantage of. Agoda, Metrodeal or AirBnb are some of the sites you can check for accommodation deals. 

Remember that hotel prices are different between peak season and off-season. So the month of your travel will greatly affect the price of your accommodation. 

Top 5 Travel Tips
Regency Boracay 2013 with Friends

Travel Tip #4 – Pack Light

This tip coming from me is a bit ironic because I’m always a heavy packer lol! But they say the most effective tip is coming from those who had first hand experience, trust me. If you want to save on a few more extra bucks pack light.

Unless you are going to stay there for a week or so, it’s better to pack only the things you need. Do not bring too many clothes because believe me your bag will double its weight because of pasalubongs before you go home. I’m pretty sure your family or friends who are not travelling with you will ask for a souvenir or a t-shirt from your trip and it’s going to take a huge space out of your trunk. Ending up paying for excess baggage at the airport.

Here’s a great video how and what to put in your carry on suitcase to avoid having excess baggage – 17 EXCELLENT TIPS FOR PACKING YOUR HOLIDAY SUITCASE.

Travel Tip #5 – Ask the locals

Who else knows the best yet cheap place to stay and must try resto or best activities to do but the locals! Aside from asking your friends who’ve been there before, it’s also good to ask the locals where’s the cheapest to do some grocery shopping, cheap yet good resto or a nice place to visit. 

The locals have the greatest tips you’ll get to make the most out of your holiday. I remember when we were in Bohol, the server lady in the place where we stayed advised us to rent a Mio instead of a car to visit the tourist spots because obviously it’s cheaper plus we can go around places in our own time. 

Most of all, ENJOY! We all deserve a break from our work and have some me time. A time to rejuvenate, refresh and sort of like restart your system from your busy-work-centered lifestyle. We are not born to pay the bills all of our lives. We need to travel and enjoy at least once a year.

Remember T.I.T.E. – trabaho, ipon, travel and enjoy.

If I missed to mention any other travel trips, please feel free to share in the comments below. I hope you enjoy your next vacation and have a blast! 

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