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POPOY x BASHA: Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Fall for Someone like Popoy

When probably asked if which movies you’ve seen more than 5 times ‘One More Chance’ would most likely come up on your list. Not to mention the second and final installment of this film – ‘A Second Chance’. I am not here to talk about second chances, but Popoy played by no other than one of the most incredible actors today – John Lloyd Cruz.

This is certainly one of the reasons why we all fell in love with the movie and the characters because of the amazing acting skills of the actors.

When we were younger we wanted someone who is good looking, smart, sweet, thoughtful, kind and the list go on and on. When we ‘mature’, it may come with age for most but I must give the credit to experience, we no longer want too many things about who we want to end up with.

But we just want someone who is God-fearing, smart and kind. This may be different from your preference but I guarantee that your list has narrowed down to two or three. Popoy had all but unfortunately he was WEAK. He was a man who gets knocked out pretty easily with pressure and insecurity.

Yes he was insecure and he needs constant validation. On both films, he was disarrayed when the family business struggled meeting its client’s demand. The same happened when he put up his own construction firm. He took all the jobs he wanted until he and the company could no longer handle it.

What came next? He got disoriented and lost control. Was he greedy? He was ambitious with no strategy. He’s your Mr. Know It All Guy with NO DISKARTE.

Popoy didn’t tell Basha that the construction firm was going down rock bottom because he was insecure. He knew Basha could help him. He knew Basha was smart and she could help save the company. But why didn’t he tell her? Because he didn’t want truth to slap him in the face that she was better and smarter than him.

So instead he went on a drinking spree. There are men who give you a strong facade yet they are the ones who were jealous of your friends, threatens to break up with you, talks about their exes and how the girl cheated on him, stalks you on Facebook and other social media. Checks your phone and overly sensitive to criticism.

They are the ones who need validation.

Career wise or personal, they need to be constantly told how good they are and all other things. Not that it’s bad but constant validation means weakness and insecurity. Are insecure men worth dating? Hell NO.

Be with a man who is confident of himself. Someone who knows what his capabilities are and at the same time humble enough to admit he can’t do all things. Be with someone who communicates in an open and effective manner.

Communication is one of the most important foundations of any relationship. Instead of having long nonsense argument, a meaningful discussion is way better to settle differences. Be with a man who listens and emotionally responds to your needs.

He should treat you with respect and dignity.

Find out what his priorities in life and relationship are. Make sure he fights fair with you. It means no dirty-fighting, no name calling, no raised voices. Do not pull out old issues but instead find a resolution fair to all.

You must share the same values. This will create a smoother relationship and better at solving conflicts. Not some guy who will mess up everything because he was afraid to hear your strong opinion. Because Popoy was afraid his shortcomings will reflect in Basha’s strength. And that’s the kind of guy you shouldn’t end up with.

I’m sorry Popoy and Basha fans. But unfortunately Popoy is not the kind of guy you should fall in love with. We can still love the movie though, but not Popoy.

Sorry not sorry

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