Perks of Working from Home

Perks of Working from Home

Every mom’s dream to be able to spend as much time with her children as she can while still keeping her job. I spent so many years of my life working in Makati, renting a place there and getting to see my kids only on weekends when I come home to Laguna, where we live. But the truth was I never realized back then the many perks of working from home.

I grew up here and found an opportunity to work in Makati after I graduated college. I’ve never wanted to leave Laguna though a lot of my colleagues asked me to consider moving near my workplace. I actually thought the other way around. I wished I could work in Laguna with the same pay as my job back then. You see, we from the province, were actually deprived of the same opportunities as those from Metro Manila. If opportunities were only the same, Manila would not have been congested as it is now.

I spent more than six years working in Makati which means my kids practically grew up with a yaya. Did not have much choice back then, I was helping my husband earn a decent living for our family. I didn’t feel obligated though, I also wanted a career for myself. As a matter of fact it was one of my conditions to my husband before we got married – that he cannot ask me to stay at home (like what other men do) and I get to keep my career for as long as I want to.

It didn’t come in handy though, raising a family and having a career takes a lot of hard work and sacrifices. Working moms spend hours of time at work, while the kids are left growing up with the yaya. Unfortunately in most cases, even miss school activities where parents are needed and their growing up milestones.

So how good are the perks of working at home?

Here are some of the tings work at home moms get to enjoy:

Working while taking care of the kiddos.

Did you know a lot moms now get to breastfeed their babies while in front of their computers working? Yes! Now it’s possible with home based online jobs 🙂 This was one of my regrets when I was working in Manila. I only got to BF my baby for two months (60 days maternity leave) because I had to go back to work. But now you don’t have to worry about weaning your baby at an early stage due to work circumstances, you can BF for as long as you can!

You don’t have to travel to go to work.

This is one of the best part of working from home. Your office can literally be two steps away from bed or actually some do not even have to get out of the bed (lol). Just grab your laptop and voila! You’re logged in 🙂 You don’t have to worry about the traffic, being late or transportation allowance – which means additional savings by the way. Not having to leave the house to work also means more time to spend with the kids. This also means you can do the household chores like cooking, cleaning and for some even washing the clothes while working.

You can work anywhere wearing anything!

And I mean literally anywhere when I said that. I remember last January on my birthday as planned, we went to Baguio to celebrate. We left the house at 2AM and I had my laptop with me seated at the passenger side and my husband was driving on our way to Baguio. We also go on staycations out of town and still do my job. So when you’re tired working at home, how about working while sunbathing and a glass of lemonade at the beach? Yes it’s possible! You can take care of your job while outdoors. Thanks to laptop, long battery life and tethering to your phone for internet connection 🙂

You can avoid office politics.

This was one of the things I like about working from home. Since you’re working remotely you don’t have to be friends with your co-workers. Break time and idle time in the office tend workers to have time for gossiping and posturing. Plus you don’t have to kiss you boss’ ass to get that promotion. With online jobs, measuring productivity is based on your output and work attitude. That also means less stressful environment isn’t it?

While there are many benefits from working at home. I must say it is not for everyone. There are still many who are having a hard time finding a job online, moreover some even had to go back to the regular office setup after working some time at home due to many reasons.

But for those who are currently enjoying the benefits of working at home, it did not come easy. Many will agree with me that hard work is the number one reason for your lasting factor in this industry. This is the future of working moms who want to spend more time with their kids yet still keep their career.

What else can you add in this list?

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