Love Never Fails

I have learned that love is crazy. It makes you do things you never imagined. It makes you smile today and cry tomorrow. It’s crazy because it makes you look weird in front of your friends while you’re feeling great inside. It makes you do the impossible. But above all these, it makes you who you want to be and not that person that you think you are. 

Love never fails to make one happy. It’s been the source of joy, well for the most, but sadness for others. It never fails to make you change your mind for the nth time. It never fails to make you fall when you promised you’d never again . It sometimes makes you stay, when you said it’s time you walk away. 

Been really quite busy since the last time I indulge myself in this blogging thingy.  I guess for the most part I was busy with love that I forgot to spend time with what truly matter and makes me grow. This ain’t that, love is not important, but love has been really unfair to me the past couple of years. I’m not being bitter, just saying. 

I know one day, this crazy feeling will knock again and I know, this I am not being assumptive, just basing it on experience, that it will make me do everything all over again when I said I mustn’t , I can’t and I won’t ever again. Because LOVE NEVER FAILS.


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