Love is a commitment.

Love is a Commitment

Love is a commitment to an imperfect person because our love is bigger than their flaws.

When two people together is not committed to each other, I don’t think anyone could ever call that love. Commitment is a rock solid dedication to give our self to the person we love. We may get tired, but we don’t lose hope. Every relationship needs commitment from both parties to make it work.

It give us a reason to look forward and understand that whatever we share is going to lead us somewhere. It’s a genuine feeling of joy of being with somebody because we couldn’t think of ourselves in another place with another person. It gives us a sense of our own world.

A person in love shouldn’t be limiting. We must allow our partner to be who they are and follow their dreams and commit to support that dream they choose to pursue. Love does not take possession, it gives freedom.

We should learn not to expect them to be the person they’re not, because that’s what we see from others. Each person is unique and every relationship is different. Too many expectations will only lead to many disappointments. Respect and accept the person the he is. Give as long as we can, but do not ask anything in return, love is not a contest of who gets to give more love. Love is not something one asks for. It is something whole heatedly given.

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Love is a commitment to prove how much we love an imperfect person. Loving someone means your commitment to them is bigger than their flaws. Commitment is a decision, a motivation and a promise.

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