Kids, Do Not Be Afraid to Make Mistakes

If there’s one or two things I’ll teach my kids, I guess I’d tell them not to be afraid to make mistakes. I’ve been there, done that and it made who I am today. I may have regret a few things but in the end they all cover a lot of aspect in terms of the strength and character I have today. I will let them take on bigger responsibilities, so that they can maximize their full potential and be the best that they can be. If not for the mistakes I had, I would not have been this happy and contented, compassionate and forgiving, with positive attitude and high level of enthusiasm towards life. I’m not saying I’m the best mom in the world nor I’m a perfect person and all that, I wish I could be but what I’m saying is that I’ll just let them be the best they could be. Make mistakes, that’s part of the journey, it will teach you good values in the end, what’s certain is I’ve got their backs all throughout in whatever road they chooses to lead.

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