It's not destiny it's a choice

It’s not destiny It’s a choice

Before I used to believe in: One, there are things that are just not meant to be together forever. Second, things are not meant to be together now, but they may be in the future. But now I do not believe in destiny anymore. Wherever we are now is a result of the decisions we made in the past. Everything is matter of choice. We just have to be brave enough to make that decision and choose the one we really want.

It’s not destiny it’s a choice to live the life we truly want.

We may blame it on destiny or karma. I believe otherwise. All of us were given choices. To find a job, to be happy, to choose our friends… Sometimes we just don’t admit that we were too weak and afraid to choose what we really want. Because we are afraid to take the risks. And because of that become prisoners of our own fragility.

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It’s not destiny it’s a choice. Stop blaming destiny for where we are now or what do not have or might have been. We all had our chances and we let it slip away. Remember that while we go on forever with our ifs and buts there were people who were brave enough to take risks and got they chances.

It’s not destiny it’s a choice because we were never brought in our situation in an instant. We are here because we chose to go this path. Either it’s a career, family or love decision we had our chance to choose what we really wanted. But in that moment, we chose the easy way. Because we were afraid of rejection, failure or heartbreak.

We are given choice in life. All we have to do is go for what we want and own it.

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