Ingrates at its Peak

I am no fan of PNoy, but I am no fan of ingrates either.

We Filipinos live by quite a number of sayings as part of our culture. “Utang na loob” – I’m pretty sure not only you’ve heard this line since you were young but once in your life you’ve used the line “Tumanaw ng utang na loob” to those who have helped us in times we needed it even if sometimes the person extending assistance may have done it accidentally, yes that happens, we let the person know how grateful we are and forever remind ourselves of the help we got thus comes a point we are always obliged to return the kindness we received, but hey that’s another story.

Just recently, almost another OFW made the country mourn for being executed by a foreign country in the name of Mary Jane Veloso who was convicted and lined up in the death row for drug trafficking. This has made headlines not only in the Philippines but worldwide and as always being a nation of strong religious belief, we all joined in prayers to help save Mary Jane from the firing squad that would have left her kids to live without a mother and only remember last words from her to be always proud that she died with a clean heart as she said. Even Vice President Binay tried to change the fate of poor Veloso from the execution by talking to the Vice President of Indonesia. PNoy has reportedly met with Indonesian President Widodo to convince him of sparing Mary Jane from the very barbaric death penalty she is faced with. I guess we can say every one, even those who took to their social media accounts their protest to the Indonesian government and support to Mary Jane Veloso, did their part in this struggle of life and death of a fellow countryman in the hands of the Indonesian government.

So when the news broke out that the execution didn’t pushed through, we all rejoiced and thanked God for an answered prayer. I’m 100% positive the family must’ve jumped for joy like it’s New Year in summer upon hearing that Mary Jane lives. And it goes without saying, the topic trended not only in the Philippines but worldwide.

The Veloso family then went back to the Philippines and much to my dismay, upon deplaning, the family led by the mother and sister of Mary Jane reportedly said they did not owe PNoy any gratitude at all. I was appalled to hear not even a single thank you but instead claimed it’s payback time for the government. And yes, this was just another perfect example of ingrates at it’s peak. How could a person not even utter a single thank you to someone who just helped your daughter and sister live another life when we all thought, even the Philippine Daily Inquirer, that Mary Jane will no longer see another sunrise. Not that PNoy must take all the credits but does that really matter? Shouldn’t our hearts be filled with nothing but gratefulness for another soul is given a chance to prove its innocence and hopefully live a normal life again with her family?

Though one thing only proves here, how strong willed these militant groups in their advocacy against the government that they have just persuaded the family to think and believe otherwise. Much worse to make believe that their noise was what turned the fate of Veloso and changed the mind of President Widodo, considering Australia, one of the biggest trade partners of Indonesia whose citizen was executed was not even spared. Joke yes?

Thank God. Be Grateful. Have a humble head and a forgiving heart.

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