move on from heart break

Move on, It’s a Decision.

I realized the the key to move on from a heartbreak is acceptance.

It is not the break up or the crying stage that is making it seem difficult for us to do it, but the part where we miss doing the things we used to do with him. We miss the person that we were when we were with him. The person we were that only him had ever known. How we managed to joggle the things we needed to do and still find time to spend with him. It is because true love find time, it makes time.

Moving on is accepting that things are not meant to be. Accepting that hoping is no longer an option but moving forward. It is dealing with the fact that he is no longer around. It is putting a stop to believing that there is still a chance, maybe for now, who knows right? But we have to accept that the memories belong to yesterday and we have to leave them behind.

Social media has been a good way to stay connected with people. It could also be the reason why we have trouble moving on. To be able to move forward, sometimes burning the bridges maybe the only way to move forward. Cut all the connections, even if it would involve mutual friends. Yes, mutual friends.

Stop living our life for him. We have to learn waking up not looking forward to see him, hear from him, or spend the day with him. It is being courageous enough to put him out of our life and mind. It may take a month or two, a year or so, depending on how you cope with the fact that the “something” we had before is now called “nothing”. It’s like being in a casino and realizing that we’re out of chips and have nothing to bet any further.

The decision to move on from a heartbreak takes a lot of courage. It is deciding to put an end to our miseries and begin to move forward. We have to leave the world we created with him and begin a new one. It is learning that leaving yesterday behind was the best thing we could do for ourselves.

Moving on is possible when we look to brighter things in life and stop being a prisoner of the past. When we know that the person who used to make us happy, have become the one making us miserable, prefer to not to hold on to that person anymore. Remember that not everything is worth holding on to but sometimes it’s better to move forward.

Love yourself. Self-preservation. Have the COURAGE, DECIDE AND MOVE ON.

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