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10 High Paying Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

I have been working from home for almost five years now and I spent hours searching jobs for stay at home moms before I actually dived into it. A lot of people have asked me if I ever regret leaving the corporate world. I had a good paying job as a Junior Assistant Manager in BDO head office as part of the Home Loans department before I decided to become a stay at home mom in 2014. The answer is YES and NO. Quite confusing huh?

Yes was the first answer but not necessarily ‘regret’ but more of ‘miss it’. I miss being in a typical office with colleagues you can have coffee with at the pantry or two bottle sesh (two bottles only turned walwalan) after a toxic day and yes, I believe it or not – office gossip (I mean who doesn’t? LOL).

No I didn’t regret it because I was able to spend more time with my kids, I get to take care of them personally and I got tired of the Metro Manila traffic. I’m a provincial girl, I love it here and I can give you hundreds of reasons why I’d still prefer provincial life than Metro life.

What did I do after leaving my job?

I planned everything ahead before quitting my job. I knew what I wanted – go back to Laguna, take care of the kids but still work. However working in the province would give me a pay grade of provincial rate and this made me think a hundred times before leaving my job. So I did my research and found an opportunity to work from home.

Little did I know that working from home and getting in paid in dollars have been existing for a long time. I took the opportunity, invested and set up my home office. Not everyone knows that working from home as a freelancer can actually get you paid triple the salary in a regular office job. When I started in 2014, I got the same salary when I was working in BDO. If you learn a more specific and in demand skills set and knowledge, your income can increase to triple that. Don’t be surprised, there are others who earn six figures just from working from home.

Are you now excited to find out how you can also earn while at home? I created this list of jobs for stay at home moms and added a couple of ideas for those whose skills are not in the freelancing zone but are rockstar sales people. I also filtered this list to show only skills specific jobs plus links where to apply (you’re welcome!). Take note that most of these jobs need a computer, so my advice is to invest in a good one.

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Flexible High Paying Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is someone who provides professional administrative, technical and creative assistance to clients remotely. This job is generally providing support to businesses or professionals who do not have the time to do things themselves. You can have a list of tasks that can change daily or weekly depending on your client’s needs. Your workload can also change weekly from research, social media, scheduling meetings, making some calls or managing emails.

Please continue to read as I will provide a list of websites where you can find jobs online.


There are so many options you can do when blogging. You can start your own blog site pretty much like this one or write blog for others. So how can you earn by starting your own blog site? Google AdSense! I’m sure you noticed the ad above this post when you open this blog and when you scroll down the bottom, you will see another ad, those were ads from Google. I get paid by Google for showing ads on my website. There’s also a gadget guide page in this blog where I do affiliate marketing with Lazada. I also have an Instagram page with more than eight thousand followers as of writing and recently I started to get sponsored posts there too. So blogging is some sort of passive income for me.

You can also write blogs for others if you like. Pay depends on how many words per post is required. You can get paid for $5 minimum for up to $100 depending on how long or short the blog post is.

English Tutor

I’ve tried this one time but did not pursue not because it’s not a good online job but because teaching is just not in my blood (lol). Teaching English online is a per hour basis job. This is one of the fastest growing online jobs for freelancers. One good thing about this is the flexibility of schedule. You can even do this after your regular 8 to 5 job. Pay rate can go from $3 per hour to $8 per hour. Some of the websites you can find this job are 51 Talk, Upwork and Acadsoc.

Sell Things Online

Among the jobs for stay at home moms, this is one of the most popular. If you’ve got sales skills, this one is for you. I know a few people who sell beauty products, RTW and gadgets online. There are many great advantages of selling online including not having to pay for stall rent, using just your cellphone to sell anything you want and doing it on your own time. Online selling if done right can actually be a good source of income for you and your family.

Social Media Manager

This is similar to being a VA except this is exclusively focused on social media management of the company. When I started in 2014 I was just a general VA. I learned social media marketing and management in 2016 and it opened better opportunities for me. Here’s a tip – in freelancing world, the more specific your skills are, the better pay you get (video editor, graphic design, web development, SEO).

You can do social media management as a side hustle too! Some of social media managers I know are focused on Pinterest only and charges as much as $700 per month per client. In today’s social media era, social media management is one great opportunity to explore.

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Sell on Amazon/ Drop Shipping

This one is quite advance online opportunity and is actually more like a business. Drop shipping is a supply chain management method in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers the customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer.

If you would like to learn this too, there are several tutorial videos on YouTube that you can watch. I highly suggest to really study this first before diving into it. Or you may end up wasting so much money on ads if you do. Find the most reliable people to get advice from or get online course about dropshipping.

Web Developer/Designer

This is one of the high paying jobs for stay at home moms I know. If you’ve got the technical skills to create or design a website, this is a great opportunity to earn big. There are designers I know that earns six figures a month from web designing or graphic design.

You can create an online profile through Fiverr and wait for clients to inquire about your services or bid for job opportunities via Upwork.


This is one of the recent and fastest growing online income opportunity that is open to all. Many have turned into YouTubers after seeing the success of foreign and local vloggers turned instant celebrities that are earning thousands of dollars, even millions like Ryan, the kid who plays Toys to review them. Forbes has released its annual list of the highest-paid YouTube stars in the world and, in 2018, it’s been topped by a seven-year-old. Ryan has 17.3 million subscribers and has amassed an estimated $22 million over the past year.

So if you’ve got golden ideas to showcase in your vlog. Go ahead an get that video recorder and upload your vlog on YouTube and become an instant celebrity and earn dollars while doing this. For those who don’t know how it works, your YouTube channel needs to have at least 1000 subscribers and 4,000 watched hours to start earning from Google AdSense.

Book Keeper

If you have knowledge in accounting, you can become a book keeper and get several clients as you wish. Bookkeepers make a record of purchases, sales, receipts, and payments that business owners make.

This work is important as many E-Commerce businesses in the US prefer online book keepers to save cost of hiring someone in person. In addition, these companies would like to keep an eye on their finances – their income and expenses. One good thing about this job is flexibility of work hours because you can do it when you want to as long as you meet the deadline if any.

SEO Specialist

The mission of an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Specialist is to maximize the volume of inbound organic traffic from search engines to a website. This is accomplished through a combination of on-page and off-page techniques, including link-building, social media strategy, viral marketing, metadata sculpting, site speed optimization, content strategy, information architecture, and more.

This work is especially important for businesses today. A lot of people go online to search for anything they want or need. If someone needs to find out which restaurant to go to in a certain place, businesses want to make sure to appear on the first page of Google when you type for a certain keyword. SEO specialist helps businesses grow and reach more customers.

As promised here’s the list of websites you can find home based jobs depending on your preference and of course skills. If you have any questions about this post or any of the jobs for stay at home moms mentioned, please email me at or fill out the contact form here.

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