Dinosaurs Island Baguio

Dinosaurs Island Baguio

I remember when I was in grade school we used to spend our summers in Baguio. My dad used to work in Ambuklao Dam and every summer he would bring the whole family there in their little cottage near work and we would spend at least a month there. This year on my birthday I went back to the summer capital of the country and visited The Dinosaurs Island Baguio.

It was more than 20 years since the last time I step foot in the summer capital of the Philippines. So a few of weeks ago, I decided to plan to go back there since my husband and kids had never been there yet and I thought I would love to celebrate my birthday there. Being a mom who always wanted everything taken cared of I made sure to plan our itinerary and one on our list was the Dinosaurs Island.

Mommy TIPS

If you want to know more about the place visit their website to learn about their location, ticket prices and more. The place is being managed by Baguio Eco Park where there are currently two attractions on the location – Baguio Dinosaurs Island and Holy Land Tuba Science Museum. I decided to go for The Dinosaurs Island since the kids also loved watching dinosaur movies.

Mommy tip for you, do not buy ticket on their website. Tickets normally cost Php350/head. Go to Metrodeal where you can book the ticket for Php199/head only. No need to call the Baguio Ecopark to make reservations, there were very few people visiting the place so they can accommodate you anytime.

Where is it located?

The place is located at Badiwan, Tuba Benguet. From Baguio city proper drive down to Marcos Highway and turn left after the bridge before the tunnel then take first right after the tunnel before the flyover. We went there on our private vehicle. So if you are going to commute going there with a group I suggest you just take the cab. Most of the cabs in Baguio are either Innova or Avanza so no problem if you are a big group travelling.

If you want to go there by jeepney:

PUJ: Baguio Plaza – Bontiway – Badiwan (Vice-versa)

Location: Otek St. (Between Bayanihan and Caltex)

Route: Legarda – Marcos Highway

Fare: PhP 17.00

Travel Time: 15 – 20 minutes

What can you see there?

My kids had fun exploring the Dinosaurs Island although I noticed the place needs maintenance. The location, which is not so accessible to tourists, that is why not too many people are visiting the place.

Dinosaurs Island Baguio

There are about 20 dinosaurs you can find all over the park. Most of them make sounds like a real dinosaur when the sensor detects someone near. Some of them also move when you go 1-2 meters near. A heads up to some who are not a fan of exercise, there will be lot of climbing up the stairs because it was situated beside a mountain. So make sure to wear appropriate shoes and do not bring older family or friends. In case you will do there’s a cafeteria or waiting area near the cashier. There was a nice view on the left side of the mountain so make sure to bring your cameras plus take videos of your kids while you’re there. You may be lucky enough record them shouting or jumping in surprise when a dinosaur suddenly move! Haha

In addition, there are bits of information written near every dinosaur. So the kids will not just enjoy the sight but also will learn something from the mini adventure.

Infographics everywhere

So do I recommend it? Yes. It was listed on Agoda as one of the top places to visit in Baguio so if you are visiting the city with your kids, it’s worth to take a side trip to this place.

If you have any questions you can email me at hello@gracienoval.com or fill out the contact form.

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