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4 Easy Steps How to Start Freelancing

I have been asked several times by friends how to start freelancing and start a home based job. I strongly recommend this especially to moms like me who want to be a full time mom and still earn while at home. Freelancing industry has enjoyed an impressive growth in the last few years. So if you want to start a home based job, NOW is the perfect time.

So how do you really get started as a freelancer? Well folks here’s your ultimate guide to becoming a successful freelancer.

Set up your home office.

Invest in a good computer or laptop and a strong internet connection. Most companies or clients are looking for virtual assistants who have at least 3MPBS internet speed and a good working computer. Part of the application process in finding a home-based job is testing your internet speed. Some will also require you to have a backup connection. You can use Globe or Smart pocket wifi as your backup. Be sure to check the connection issues of these providers in your location before getting their services. I am currently using PLDT Home Fibr. It’s the best (according to PLDT lol) plan they have today. You might also want to have a backup computer too although it is not required. You can also check other internet providers such as Sky and Converge.The best advice I can give you is to ask your friends for feedback about their internet provider before deciding which one to get.

Find your niche.

Almost everything can be outsourced these days so I’m pretty sure one or two of the skills in your resume can land you in a freelancing job. There are a lot of opportunities out there so you must choose the one you are passionate about. Some of the freelancing opportunities you may be good at are content writing, graphic designing, web designing, data encoding, English tutor and a lot more! Just believe in your skills and it will surely take you a long way!

Play the Odds.

Once you have your home office set up and your chosen niche, it’s time to submit your application! Here are the list of websites where you can find a home based job.




Vitrual Coworker

Remote Workmate


I also encourage you to join Facebook Filipino Freelancing Groups because some members post job opportunities there too. Here are some of the groups I know:

Online Filipino Freelancers

Filipino Work at Home Moms I just recently created this group, feel free to join 🙂

Buhay Onliner

The more applications you submit the more chances of winning 🙂 Do not be discouraged if you don’t get it the first time. Always learn something new out of the experience and try again. Be patient, market yourself across multiple platforms and I’m sure you will find the right job for you.

Start building your portfolio.

Set goals and develop concrete plans to meet them. If your goal is make freelancing a career and source of stable income, it is important to build your brand and build your portfolio. Showcase your skills by showing off your works so you can get more clients to hire you for your services. Asked satisfied clients for testimonials. Getting recommendation from your client is a great way to find new ones. Testimonials are very important to winning over more and more clients which means more income to you too 🙂

So go ahead and take the first step today! Be a successful freelancer.

If you have any questions please be sure to fill out the contact form in this blog.

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