Christmas gift ideas

Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas Below Php 200

Christmas is just around the corner! We all wanted to give something special to our love ones but probably still thinking want to give them without going broke after.

If you are looking for great ideas for gift – I’ve got you covered 🙂 I’ve researched and compiled 10 fun and cheap gift ideas for you! Plus the link where you can buy them! Check them out 👇

Cute Ankle Socks

Who wouldn’t love this cute ankle socks with hearts? You can order this on Lazada at 10 pairs for only 180 pesos! See here.

Earphone Case

You probably know someone who’s headset is always missing or broken. This cute earphone headset is only 119 pesos plus it comes in 12 different colors! Check them here.

Organizer Pouch Coin Purse

This organizer pouch can be used for storing USB, Keys, Earphones and coins! 

Billy Boys Bedroom Slippers

Your son, nephew or little brother will surely love this one! You can get it here.

Knife Holder

This is the perfect gift for your mom! Or a mom friend?

Self-stirring Coffee Mug

Do you have coffee lover friend? I’m sure she/he will be delighted to receive this! Get it here

Unicorn Sticky Notes Set

Cutest sticky notes ever! Get them here.


When you know someone who loves to put everything down. 👍 Get it here.

Pet Grooming Brush

Do you have a friend who has a pet? This one is a great idea! Get it here

Stainless Steel Survival Tool

Multi-Purpose 11-in-1 Stainless Steel Survival Tool for only 129 pesos! Get it here.

Ref Magnet Hanging feet Bear

Cuties! 😍Check them here.

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