Best Family-friendly Beaches Near Manila

Best Family-friendly Beaches Near Manila

Summer is officially here! Before going to the beach with your family, it’s best to plan ahead, carefully check and compare the beach resorts prior to booking. I created this list of best beaches near Manila for the family to go to including quick guide how to get there.


Beaches Near Manila

In this article I wrote about how you can make the most out of your staycation to make it memorable for the whole family. It’s important to consider things such as kid-friendly amenities, location and security of the resort before you book your vacation.

If you are traveling with kids, we must consider to check if the resort has swimming pools, playground and other activities kids can enjoy. Having a swimming pool is an important deciding factor for me because I want my kids to enjoy swimming even at night. As you know beaches aren’t safe to swim during the night so I make sure my kids can still go swimming safely at night.

If you’re not big on swimming pools, second thing to consider is if the resort has lifeguards. Although we are careful not to allow our kids to go too deep into the water, kids will be kids and they have the tendency to slip off our keen eyes. Having a lifeguard gives us some sort of security that someone will be there to help in case of emergency.

It’s also good to consider what other activities the kids will enjoy during your stay. Playgrounds, table tennis, volleyball, basketball, videoke and water activities including boating and banana boat.

I also recommend checking if the resort has restaurant within the premises or if you need to bring food (if you can cook). This can help you carefully plan your expenses so you won’t go over your budget.

So here’s the list I create for you, make sure to leave comment if I missed any resort that should be included in this list. Enjoy!

Laiya Batangas

La Luz Beach Resort
This photo was taken in La Luz Beach Resort during Caleb’s first birthday celebration.

One of the most developed beaches in Laiya, Batangas is the municipality of San Juan. It is one of the most visited beaches because of its proximity to Manila. Its coast is lined with public and private resorts, offering tourists with more than enough choice of accommodations.

How to get there: There are a lot of bus companies offering Batangas-bound routes. The stations are located in major parts of Metro Manila namely Taft/Buendia, Cubao, Kamuning, and Alabang.

ALPS bus company offers Manila-San Juan route. ALPS terminals can be found in EDSA, Cubao, and Alabang. The fare is around P180-190. When you get to San Juan, you can either take a jeepney or tricycle going to Laiya or Hugom. Get off at your chosen resort.

Travel time from Manila to Laiya is around 2 to 3 hours.

Where to stay:

Calatagan Batangas

Calatagan Batangas Beach Resorts
Taken in Calatagan Batangas Burot Beach Camp 2015

Calatagan has the most beautiful beaches in the country. For budget travelers, this is one of the well known camping destinations. If you want to spend a bit more and want a more comfortable stay, Calatagan has budget-friendly accommodations.

Calatagan also has high-end resorts with swimming pools and restaurants if you want to have better amenities during your stay.

Don’t miss: Cape Santiago Lighthouse. Built in 1890, it is one of the oldest lighthouses in the Philippines that continue to function. The construction began on December 15, 1890, led by Engineer Magin Pers y Pers, and was completed by Guillermo Brockman.

Cape Santiago Lighthouse
Photo grabbed from

How to get there: At EDSA-Taft, there are vans and buses that carry passengers straight to Calatagan (P200, 3-4 hours). From the town center, take a tricycle to the lighthouse (P150-P200, 20-30 minutes)

Where to stay:

Nasugbu, Batangas

Nasugbu Beach Resorts Near Manila
Image from

Another yet relaxing family-friendly beaches near Manila is Nasugbu in Batangas. Here you can find budget friendly up to high end beach resorts you can choose from.

If you want a really nice, convenient and luxurious place to stay you can easily find one in Nasugbu. Some of the amenities you will enjoy are fine dining restaurants, swimming pools, water sports activities and cozy accommodations including condos.

There are also known camp sites, apartments and houses in Nasugbu depending on your budget. Also don’t miss the Fortune Island for some Instagram worthy photos.

How to get there: From EDSA-Taft, take the BLTB bus to Nasugbu (P155-170,). All the beaches are accessible by jeepney or tricycle. Travel time is 2.5-4 hours).

Where to stay:

Subic, Zambales

If you’re looking for a family-friendly beaches near Manila, Zambales would always has to be on the list of recommended beaches. It is one of the favorite destinations for those looking for a quick escape of the busy Metro.

family-friendly Zambales Beach Resorts

Zambales has many family-friendly beach resorts and is just a few hours drive from Manila ranging from budget friendly to a bit more expensive. Surely Zambales will never disappoint you with choices of relaxing beaches just a few hours of drive away.

How to get there: Travel by bus to Olongapo City (P207 via Old Olongapo-Gapan Road, P235 via SCTEX, P280 via SCTEX non-stop). Travel time is around 4 hours. Take a jeepney to the freeport.

Going to the beach has become a tradition for us Filipinos especially that we live in a country with more 7000 island. There are hundreds of beaches to explore and include in our bucket list. As a stay at home mom, I constantly think of a way to make our summer vacation fun and memorable by going to places we will truly enjoy.

In choosing family-friendly beaches near Manila, budget and kid friendly amenities are the top things to consider for us parents before finalizing our vacations. The safety of our family is the top priority.

If you know other beach resorts that I missed to mention in this list comment below or email me at or fill out the contact form here.

Enjoy your vacation! Follow me on Instagram and tag me in your photos 🙂

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