OFW family

A Family Made out of Courage, Dreams and Love

I have never imagined in my entire life that this would come to us. I never thought ever that we would be in this kind of set up. I’ve always pictured out this family together.

Thank God we most of the time get what we want, we go places, we eat wherever we want whenever our budget allows πŸ™‚ we have a car, we have our own home, we have what we need, lux vacays… in our 10 years of marriage we went broke a few times, picked up and stood up higher, but I guess I can say on an average we live quite a comfortable life and I am truly grateful to God.

But it doesn’t end there. We have to aim higher, dream bigger. You have a heart for a family, a father who wants nothing but the best for his kids. Once day nga nasabi mo you want Maddie to go to La Salle, i laughed it out and said parang suntok sa buwan naman yon. But who doesn’t want to? All parents want nothing but the best for their kids. La Salle or not we promised to give them the best education there is. You are courageous, you are fearless and you are hopeful and for that I am your number one fan. We have a dream house, we have a dream car, a dream business, but above all we have a dream life – steady, comfortable and rock solid Jesus centered life. We have been through a lot, a marriage as young as ours has gone through so much. We’ve been there rock bottom, but because I have you by my side I’m always able to pick up, stand back up, dust off ourselves and move forward. We still have a lot to learn, we still have so much ahead of us. I know there is still going to be a lot that’s going to happen, but I am not afraid because I have you and the kids, and because of that I can keep going on.

We only have a few days left together. I know and I can feel it. My one last wish is for you to still make it until Maddie’s birthday – that’s her wish too. Just the thought of you being away from us sends shivers down my spine. I have always been perceived as a strong woman, yes, but times like this makes me feel weak. I find courage in knowing the fact that soon we will be together again, soon you will be home again and that our dreams are now within our reach. I pray to God that we find peace and guidance in everything we do. I pray that He will protect you always. I pray that He will make our marriage, family stronger. We will always be here waiting for you.

I hate to imagine the kids and I cry when it’s your time to leave but I know God is with us all the way! This is just another phase of our lives. Distance is not an issue because we have you. We won’t be separated forever, so until then let’s stay strong together. Ours is A Family Made out of Courage, Dreams and Love. We love you. We will miss you! 12630894_10153508661459032_103004159_o

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